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  • Shinji Suzuki

    PresidentShinji SuzukiProfessor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo
    Project Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo

    Born in 1953 in Gifu Prefecture. In 1979, Suzuki finished the Master’s course at Graduate School of Engineering of The University of Tokyo. After being employed by Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., he is currently a Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo, and a Project Professor of Institute for Future Initiatives of the University of Tokyo after retirement of a Professor of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics of the University of Tokyo. Doctor of Engineering. Specialization: aeronautical engineering. The 43rd President of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences. President of International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences. His publications include Hikōki Monogatari (published by Chikumashobo Ltd.), Gendai Kōkūron (Editor, The University of Tokyo Press) and Ochinai Hikōki eno Chōsen (Kagaku-Dojin Publishing Company, INC).

  • Yasuhiro Senda

    Executive Vice PresidentYasuhiro SendaDirector of JAPAN-SME Innovation Association The Cutting Edge TAKUMI

    In 1964, Senda graduated from the Department of Engineering of University of Tokyo and was employed by Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd (currently KDDI CORPORATION). After his engagement in the research and development of international phone exchange system and data exchange system, Yasuhiro used to be the Chief of London Office, General Manager and Director of Telehouse Europe Co. Ltd. In 1996, he became the Director of O-net, Inc. Afterwards, in 2000, Senda becomes a committee of NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan (currently JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), in 2012, a Director of Kokka-Vision Research Centre and in 2013, a Director of Japan SME Innovation Association.

  • Kakuya Iwata

    Executive DirectorKakuya IwataPrincipal Investigator of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

    In 1998, Iwata became a member of the Electrotechnical Laboratory belonging to Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Agency of Industrial Science and Technology. Awards: 16th Electronic Materials Symposium Award and 12th Lecture Honorable Mention by The Japan Society of Applied Physics. Kakuya experienced the growth of white LED development from zero to trillion yen industry. After the development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment made him interested in robotics, in 2004, Iwata transfers to Intelligent Systems Research Institute of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and starts research and development of UAS. In 2007, Kakuya received the Outstanding Lecture Award by Transportation and Logistics Division of The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. In 2007, he engages in robot policies at Industrial Machinery Division of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. In 2009, Iwata launched the UAV development for “NIIGATA SKY PROJECT”.

  • Tomoyuki Kumada

    Secretary GeneralTomoyuki Kumada

    In 1970, Kumada graduated from the Department of Political Economy of Waseda University. He worked in Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co. Ltd (currently KDDI CORPORATION). In 1999, Kumada established the company named “Icomnet” (currently known as Blue Innovation Co., Ltd.) and acted as its director. Through the management and technology consulting business, Kumada has been nurturing venture entrepreneurs in both local and overseas, and engaging in new technology development projects in various fields, including ITC, environment, energy and health. Having recognized the business possibilities of UAV in its early stages, Kumada advances various projects starting from machine development to research and development of various applications. In 2012, Kumada appointed Senior Advisor of Blue Innovation Co., Ltd. (retired in 2017) In 2014, Kumada appointed Director and Secretary General of JUIDA, to the present.

  • Takehiko Yamanaka

    TreasurerTakehiko Yamanaka

    Born in 1945. Graduate of the Faculty of Literature of Tokyo University. Yamanaka had been working in Dentsu Inc. and was in charge of marketing department and engaged in advertising, marketing projects, sensory analysis, market research, analysis and research of various types of advertisers, including government administration offices. After assuming the post of the director of Dentsu Hong Kong branch, he became the marketing director. Afterwards, Yamanaka had been transferred to Dentsu Inc’s General Research Department and as the department head he performed and presented research that exceeded advertisement or marketing and focused on society and business in general. Moreover, Yamanaka acquired experience in business auditing by acting as an internal auditor that implemented and commanded internal audits of the company and its subsidiaries in Internal Audit Department.

Special Adviser

  • Yoshio Aoki

    Special AdviserYoshio AokiVice Dean of College of Science and Technology, Nihon University

    In 1985, Aoki obtained his doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Graduate School of Nihon University. After serving as a visiting researcher at the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences at University of Colorado Boulder, he became a professor at the College of Science and Technology of Nihon University. He is currently the Councilor of Nihon University and Vice Dean of College of Science and Technology, Nihon University. His specializations are structural mechanics, safety design engineering, and composite material mechanics. He is serving as the Vice Chairman of SAMPE JAPAN, Director of Japan Society for Composite Materials, Director of the Japan Reinforced Plastics Society, Director of the Japan Building Equipment and Elevator Center Foundation, Social Capital Development Council. He is also member of Elevator Accident Investigation Subcommittee for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and member of Building Accident Disaster Countermeasures Committee etc.

  • Yoshiyori Urano

    Special AdviserYoshiyori UranoProfessor Emeritus, Waseda University

    In 1970, Urano received his Doctoral Degree in Science and Engineering at Graduate School of Waseda University. He joined Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd (currently KDDI CORPORATION), and served as Director of Research and Development Laboratories from 1993 to 1996. After serving as Professor, Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, he is currently Professor Emeritus of Waseda University. He mainly engaged in research on internet applications such as e-Learning, e-Healthcare and International cooperation projects related to Human Resource Development in ICT fields. Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Fellow. Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) Fellow.


  • Hiroko Nakamura

    AdviserHiroko NakamuraProject Associate Professor, Sky Frontier research Initiative, University of Tokyo

    Nakamura is a Project Associate Professor at Sky Frontier Research Initiative at the University of Tokyo. She previously worked for Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., as a product planner. She received her bachelor’s, and master’s degree, and Ph.D (Technology Management) from the same university and a Special Master’s degree (Industry System) from the Ecole Centrale Paris. Her research interests include how to bring new technology such as UAS and UAM into the society safely and efficiently and works closely with global entities such as ICAO, ISO International, GUTMA, SAE International, EUROCAE, JCAB and METI for enabling UTM/UAS/UAM. She is the Deputy Director General at JAPAN Unmanned System Traffic & Radio Management Consortium (JUTM), Foundation for the Promotion of Engineering Research.

  • AdviserAsei ItoAssociate professor at the Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo

    Asei Ito obtained Ph.D. in Economics from Graduate school of Economics, University of Keio, Japan. His research covers the Chinese industrial development, China’s outward FDI activities, and innovation in China and Asia. He is the author of Industrial Clusters in Contemporary China: “The Workshop of the World” and A Bottom-up Economic Development (the University of Nagoya Press, 2015, in Japanese) and China Unmanned Aerial System Industry Report 2017: An emerging industry from an emerging economy (the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, in Japanese), and one of co-editors of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment Data (University of Tokyo, 2014, in English) and Understanding Contemporary China: Lecture Series at the University of Tokyo (University of Tokyo Press, 2014, in Japanese).

  • Reo Kurosawa

    AdviserReo Kurosawa

    In 2008, Kurosawa started up a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist’s (hereinafter “CAPLS”) office. Since opening, he has been in charge of numerous licensing and legal affairs. In addition, Kurosawa taught more than 5,000 people at universities and major preparatory schools, and established a nationwide network of CAPLSs. After that, in January 2018, Kurosawa established G-Tech Inc., which centers on IT solutions in the administrative area, and became a representative director. It specializes in e-Government and decentralization, etc., such as administrative regulations on sharing economies, laws and regulations on spatial areas, etc. He also is Vice Chairman of Specific CAPLS Special Committee in the Tokyo CAPLS Association.

  • Tomotaka Ishii

    AdviserTomotaka IshiiCEO, LOCON Corporation

    Ishii is KIT Toranomon Graduate School Visiting Associate Professor, Senior member of Keio Research Institute at SFC. He obtained Ph.D in Media Design from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design after graduated from the Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science of the same University. After working for TBS TV for 15 years, he developed the Life Education business in the current position. LOCON manages educational and gymnastics classes, babysitter business, and conducts leadership management training for sports teams such as Chiba Lotte Marines and companies. He authored “Tsukushi-kai education method for giving body, mind, and brain to parents and children” (Pia MOOK, 2019) and “Application of drone for entertainment programs”(ITE Technical Group Submission System)

About the Association

General Incorporated Association Japan UAS Industrial Development Association
31st July 2014
Shinji Suzuki
President: Shinji Suzuki (Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo Project Professor/ Institute for Future Initiatives, the University of Tokyo)
Executive Vice President: Yasuhiro Senda (Director of JAPAN-SME Innovation Association The Cutting Edge TAKUMI)
Executive Director: Kakuya Iwata (Principal Investigator of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Secretary General: Tomoyuki Kumada
Treasurer: Takehiko Yamanaka
Yoshio Aoki(Vice Dean of College of Science and Technology, Nihon University)
Yoshiyori Urano(Professor Emeritus, Waseda University)
Hiroko Nakamura(Project Associate Professor, Sky Frontier research Initiative, University of Tokyo)
Asei Ito(Associate professor at the Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo)
Reo Kurosawa
Tomotaka Ishii(CEO, LOCON Corporation)
Formulation and supervision of UAS Safety Guidelines
Training and Certification of UAS Operators
Support of research development to the application technology to UAS industry in private sector
Implementation and commission of UAS research studies
Information exchange, holding of overseas study tour, events and seminars for the growth of UAS industry in private sector
Management of UAS Test Airfields
Support to the small ventures in UAS related industry
Exchange of information, collaboration and cooperation during research and education between UAS related organizations nationally and overseas
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