JUIDA Accredited UAS Schools

List of JUIDA Accredited Schools

In October 2015, JUIDA launches the certification system for Japan’s first set of schools for drone operators and flight safety management personnel. In order to ensure the healthy growth of UAV industry, JUIDA and JUIDA Accreditation Schools are training personnel possessing deep knowledge regarding drone flight safety and high piloting skills.JUIDA is listed in the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism from June 2017 as an administrative organization which fullfills their requirements.

The JUIDA’s “Operator Proficiency Certificate” will be issued to these operators that have finished the JUIDA specified subjects at any of our accreditation schools and have followed the necessary procedures.
Additionally, targeted at operators who have obtained our Operator Proficiency Certificate and possess the air traffic service experience, the JUIDA’s “Flight Safety Supervisor Certificate” will be issued to those who have successfully completed the courses on risk assessment and basic knowledge regarding the management of safe UAS flight, as well as have followed the necessary JUIDA specified procedures.

Operator Proficiency Certificate、Flight Safety Supervisor Certificate
JUIDA Pilot Certificate

A person who possesses the operator proficiency and knowledge to ensure safe UAS flight.

Safe Flight Administrator Certificate

A person who possesses extensive knowledge of safety and regulations regarding UAS operations and supervises the safety of an air traffic service.

Please e-mail us at info@uas-japan.org for inquiries about the accredited school system, accredited instructor, JUIDA Pilot Certificate and Safe Flight Administrator Certificate with your contact information.

JUIDA Accredited Schools

List of JUIDA Accredited Schools(pdf)
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