Japan Drone

Japan largest drone specialized
international exhibition & conference

Japan Drone Expo is a large-scale drone exhibition specific for consumer/commercial sector. Establishment in 2016, Japan Drone will have its 7th edition in 2022.In Japan Drone, you may find various drone related technologies, products and services, which serve as the best spot for information exchange and business matching. In parallel with the exhibition, events like flight demonstrations and international symposiums are also held, attracting significantly increasing number of exhibitors and visitors every year.

  • The 1st Japan Drone 2016

    From Japan.
    From the World.

    Date :
    24th ~ 26th March 2016 (Thu~Sat)
  • The 2nd Japan Drone 2017

    The 3 Days
    All About Drones

    Date :
    23rd ~ 25th March 2017 (Thu~Sat)
  • The 3rd Japan Drone 2018

    The Festival
    of Drone Evolution

    Date :
    22nd ~ 24th March 2018 (Thu~Sat)
  • The 4th Japan Drone 2019

    BeyondAiming for Higher with Drones

    Date :
    13th ~ 15th March 2019 (Wed~Fri)
  • The 5th Japan Drone 2020

    Change the future

    Date :
    29th ~ 30th September 2020 (Tue~ Wed)
  • The 6th Japan Drone 2021

    ドImplementing Drones in Society to realize a Smart Society

    Date :
    14th ~ 16th June 2021 (Mon~ Wed)
  • The7th Japan Drone 2022

    Level 4 Drone Flight and Manned Flights Nearing Realization

    Date :
    21th ~ 23th June 2022 (Tue~Thu)
  • The 8th Japan Drone 2023

    The Future is Here: The Future of Drones and Next-Generation Air Mobility

    Date :
    26th ~ 28th June 2023 (Mon~Wed)