In April 2020, JUIDA launched the online publication “Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility”. This is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal based in Japan. This dynamic platform is a hub for curating cutting-edge advancements related to UAS(Unmanned Aircraft System), UAM(Urvab Air Mobility), and AAM(Advanced Air Mobility) fostering the global dissemination of groundbreaking research and study across diverse domains.

  1. Worldwide Accessibility
    – Accessible on J-Stage, a renowned platform for Japanese academic journals: Link
    – Inclusion on Google Scholar for global visibility.
    – Boasts a remarkable 1,000 monthly visitors from 44 countries across the globe.
  2. Expedited Publication Process
    – Lightning-fast publication timeline, ensuring research is disseminated swiftly.
    – From submission to peer review and publication, a minimum one-month timeline.
    – Facilitates the quickest online dissemination of cutting-edge research findings.
  3. Premier Poster Sessions at Japan Drone
    – Unique opportunity to present posters, products, and captivating presentations to a diverse audience.
    – Showcased at the prestigious “Japan Drone / International Advanced Air Mobility EXPO,” a global drone exhibition.
    – Gain visibility and recognition among influential visitors at this esteemed event

Name : Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility
ISSN: 2435-5453
First issue date: April 28, 2020
Publisher: Japan UAS Industrial Development Association (JUIDA)
Editor-in-chief: JUIDA Executive Director, Kakuya Iwata
Posted: Online/Open Access

Latest Issue


Call for Papers

■ Who Should Submit:
We welcome submissions from researchers and developers in the field of Advancved Mobility. (JUIDA membership is not required)

■Submission Guidelines:
We accept submissions in both English and Japanese, which undergo a peer-review process.
Submissions are open year-round, ensuring continuous opportunities for publication.

■Types of Submissions Accepted:
– Technical Papers
– Technical Reports
– Reviews

■Previously Published Papers:
We accept previously published papers under the following conditions:
– Papers can be reconstructed with new insights and knowledge suitable for publication in our journal.
– Papers can be reworked based on content previously published in publications with limited readership.

■Publication Fees:

Publication Fee: 10,000 JPY per page
Editing Fee: 10,000 JPY
* Editing fee is waived for JUIDA members, offering an exclusive benefit for our members.

Join us in advancing the discourse on Advanced mobility. Submit your research and be part of a dynamic community of innovators.

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