Global Relations

JUIDA is expanding its activities not only in Japan, but also overseas through collaboration with various organizations, participation in international standardization activities, and organization and support to exhibitions and symposiums. In the future, JUIDA will strengthen its effort in understanding and supporting the international trends of drones.

International Partners

JUIDA has signed Memorandum of Understanding with 31 organizations in 23 countries (March 2023). With the MOU we have built strong international partnerships, and are able to strengthen and expand our support to members through introducing them with the latest news and information overseas, and connecting national and international corporates for business matching and information exchange.

  • Indonesia

    Universitas Prof Dr Moestopo (Beragama)

  • Korea

    Korea Drone Association (KDA)

  • Korea

    Korea Drone Industry Promotion Association (KODIPA)

  • Thailand

    Drone Academy Thailand (DAT)

  • Taiwan

    Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)

  • Taiwan

    Taiwan UAS Development Association (TWUAS)

  • Taiwan

    UAS Taiwan

  • Singapore

    Drone Logistics Ecosystem

  • Hong Kong

    Aerosim (HK) Ltd

  • Hong Kong

    OTG OnTheGo Limited 創動樂有限公司

  • China

    Beijing TT Aviation Technology Co. Ltd (TTA)

  • China

    Shenzhen UAV Industry Association (SZUAV)

  • Malaysia

    Malaysia UAV Developments Association (MUDA)

  • India

    Drone Federation of India

  • Mongolia

    The Digital Transformation Promoting Association of Mongolia (DX Mongolia)

  • Philippine

    The Central Visayas Information Sharing Network Foundation, Inc.

Middle east
  • United Arab Emirates


  • Israel

    LOOL TV Ltd

  • United Arab Emirates

    SANAD Academy

  • Saudi Arabia

    Unmanned Systems Technologies Arabia

  • South Africa

    UAV Industries

  • Australia

    The Ripper Group International

  • Australia

    World of Drones Education (WoDE)

North and Central america
  • United States

    Unmanned Safety Institute, Inc. (USI)

  • Canada

    Altex UAV

  • Canada

    Aerial Evolution Association of Canada (AEAC)

  • Canada

    Canadian Advanced Air Mobility (CAAM)

  • United Kingdom

    Drone Major Group (DMG)

  • Finland

    VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

  • Finland

    Drone Major Group (DMG)

  • France


  • Greece

    Hellenic Drones

  • Spain

    EU Drone Port

  • Bulgaria

    BAIA(Bulgarian Aviation Industry Association)

  • Bulgaria


  • Czech

    UAV Alliance Czech Republic

  • Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Drone Federation

  • Belgium


International Standardization Activities

ISO/TC20/SC16 the International Organization for Standardization/ Unmanned airclaft sub committees

ISO/TC20/SC16(Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
February 2, 2021The first ISO standard related to drones from Japan was issued.

ISO23665 = Training for personnel involved in UAS operations

In 2017 Proposal from Japan
JUIDA Executive Director Iwata leads the project

September 8, 2023 Second edition published
Curriculum for the operation of small UAS (less than 250g) is defined as Annex A

What is ISO 23665?

ISO 23665 describes the procedures for the education and training of personnel who will be involved in the operation of unmanned aircraft in the future and defines the operational procedures of the training organization that will be the body providing education and training to the candidates.

Overall view of ISO 23665

  • Issued on January 26, 2021
  • Second edition issued on September 8, 2023, specifying a curriculum for low-risk operations of drones.
  • ISO standard that Japan took the initiative in studying and publishing.
  • The only ISO standard for drone education
  • ISO standard for certifying educational organizations

ISO 23665 Content Overview

Classification Chapter Title Summaly
Trainign organization Trainign organization Regulates staffing within the training organization, information to be provided to trainee, etc.
Training resources Defines requirements for teaching materials and instructors
Training content delivery Defines the methods of provision of educational content and periodic evaluations
Final qualification Defines items to be included in diplomas issued by training institutions
Evaluation protocols It defines the protocol for certifying that a trainee has the competence required for the qualification
Educational content
(Annex A)
Competencies Defines the competencies to be guaranteed for those who complete the curriculum
Fitness to act as remote pilot-in-command Defines matters pertaining to the competence ofremote pilot-in-command as defined by Annex A
Theory knowledge Defines the theory knowledge to be acquired within the curriculum
Practical skill Defines UAS flight operation skills to be acquired by trainee
Final qualification Defines that the trainee demonstrates to the instructor the skills acquired in the curriculum

International Support and Events

With the support from international partners, JUIDA organizes overseas inspection tours and conducts activities that contribute to members’ overseas expansions and technology development. JUIDA also participates in overseas exhibitions actively, promoting JUIDA and the Japanese drone industry globally.

  • Partnership & Cooperation
  • Inspection Trips & Visits
  • Meetings & Exhibitions