Memorandum of Cooperation with AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORT AND OPEN SYSTEMS ASSOCIATION (ATOS), Bulgaria October 12, 2023


In October 2023, JUIDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the
a non-profit organization in Bulgaria.

■ATOS Website

■What is ATOS?
ATOS is a European non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Autonomous Transportation Robotics Systems (Aerial VTOLs, Autonomous Road Vehicles, etc) together with the Open Systems’ servicing infrastructure for development of Smart cities’ Urban Traffic Management for an integrated, sustainable and efficient European Network.

■Mission of ATOS
The mission of ATOS is to represent the industry corporations and individuals as well as academia circles, to facilitate presentation of the community views to EU regulators and policy makers, government and local officials, media, influencers, raise awareness and achieve acceptance in the society of AI Technology transportation future in synergy with the newly introduced Green Pact.

■Operation of ATOS
Bring together industry and safety professionals, technology experts and regulators to share safety information and updates among the Autonomous Transport community.
Work closely with European Commission, Regional and Local Authorities’ Organizations for implementation of the Association’s objectives.
Participate in regulatory meetings, rule-making working groups and committees in order to collaborate with state agencies, EU regulators and industry corporations to achieve the Association’s objectives.
Face the challenges and support the local authorities of the European cities in the Urban Traffic Management by introduction of Advanced Technology industry solutions to achieve smart city mobility.
Create consortia for transport project development of the European cities.

■For more information, please contact
JUIDA International Relations and Development