JUIDA Accredited UAS Schools

In October 2015, JUIDA launched the Japan's first set of certification system for schools educating drone operators and flight safety management personnel. To ensure the healthy growth of the UAS industry, JUIDA and its accredited schools are training people with safety knowledge and operation skills.
People who completed the specific course offered by JUIDA accredited school, have the right to apply for the 'JUIDA Pilot Certificate'. With this certificate, people with additional flight business experience and completed the related course can apply for the 'Safe Flight Administrator Certificate'.

Test Airfields

JUIDA thinks that in order to support the research and development of drone, as well as education, it is important to set up test airfields for the test flights of drones under development, and the training of operators. Therefore, as the nation first JUIDA test airfield, JUIDA set up the 'Logistic Flight Robot Tsukuba Laboratory' in the hope that it can be used for various purposes and contribute to the development of the UAS industry.
※The management and operation of the test airfields are carried out by the collaborating companies of JUIDA.


JUIDA organizes and supports various events for the promotion and development of drone industry.

Safety and Standards

In order to safely use a drone, there are rules and notes that one should be aware. Information related to safety, standard or flight limitations of drones are presented here.

JUIDA Group Insurance

Since the implementation of Revised Civil Aeronautics Act in December 2015, new rules for flying drones (UAS) that never existed before then was being developed. (Target to drone with weight over 200g) In accordance to the implementation, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced the “Japan’s safety rules on Unmanned Aircraft (UA)/Drone”. The “maintenance of skills” and “the enrollment to the 3rd party liability insurance in case of accidents” are mentioned in the rules.
JUIDA, in response to these initiatives of the country, shows its support through setting up the 1st pilot certification and safety administration certification. And for now, JUIDA has also prepared a group insurance for its members for “the enrollment to the 3rd party liability insurance in case of accidents”.

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