Memorandum of Understanding with The Digital Transformation Promoting Association of Mongolia (DX Mongolia), Mongolia  September 29, 2023


JUIDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with
The Digital Transformation PromotingAssociation of Mongolia (DX Mongolia),
a Mongolian non-governmental organization, in September 2023.

■DX Mongolia Website

■Mission of DX Mongolia
DX Mongolia is dedicated to advancing research, innovation, and talent development leveraging next-generation IoT, AI, Big Data, Digital Twin, Drones and Space technology to build new DX business models to improve our lifestyles.

■Background of DX Mongolia
DX Mongolia was established in October 2022, but they have experience and success for the following projects before its establishment.
・IoT & Embedded Systems – Research and projects for NASA, ESA, JAXA
・Drone & AI – Midrange UAV and Forest fire early detection using AI project
・Education – Created a new Department of Computer Engineering and introduction of AI curriculum was done at the Mongolian National College of Technology. Co-organized DX Cup, a student pitch contest using DX technology, with JICA Mongolia.

■For more information, please contact
JUIDA International Relations and Development