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Benefits of JUIDA Membership

  1. All members can subscribe to the special newsletter released by JUIDA
  2. All members can attend the seminars, lecture meetings, courses, etc. organized by JUIDA at the discounted price.
  3. Regular members can attend JUIDA’s general meetings and participate in voting.
  4. Regular members can participate in all JUIDA established committees, research centers, etc.
  5. Supporting members can participate in selected JUIDA established committees, research centers, etc.

Articles of Association and Membership Bylaws

Our articles of association and membership bylaws are available to download. To download, please right-click on the link as select “Save as…”

Articles of Association(pdf)Membership Bylaws(pdf)

Entrance Fees and Annual Membership Fees

Entrance fees and annual membership fees are as follows.

Regular member
Regular member
Associate member ※1 Supporting member ※2 Public member ※3
Entrance fee 50,000円 100,000円 5,000円 50,000円 Free
Annual membership fee 10,000円 120,000円 5,000円 50,000円 Free
Regular member (individual)
Entrance fee:50,000円
Annual membership fee:10,000円
Regular member (organization)
Entrance fee:100,000円
Annual membership fee:120,000円
Associate member ※1
Entrance fee:5,000円
Annual membership fee:5,000円
Supporting member ※2
Entrance fee:50,000円
Annual membership fee:50,000円
Public member ※3
Entrance fee:Free
Annual membership fee:Free
  • ※1 Associate members must be individuals. Students have entrance fee exemption.
  • ※2 Supporting members must be organizations.
  • ※3 Public members are public utility companies, schools, local authorities, government bodies
  • ※4 Regarding the first annual membership fee, if membership application date is: (1) within 1st April and 30th June, the fee is to be paid in full; (2) within 1st July and 30th September, 3/4 of the fee is to be paid; (3) within 1st October and 31st December, half of the fee is to be paid; (4) within 1st January and 31st March, 1/4 of the fee is to be paid.

Application Method

  1. Please fill in and send us the specific application form.
  2. After review and approval, we will send you the invoice. Please conduct money transfer to the specific bank account.
  3. After confirmation of payment, we will notify your membership number.
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