Memorandum of Understanding with OnTheGo (OTG) , Hong Kong September 29, 2023


JUIDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hong Kong’s OnTheGO in September 2023.

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■What is OTG?
OTG is the exclusive distributor of DJI Academy and FPV Australia in Hong Kong, and is an authorized training institute and distributor of UAV systems approved by HKCAD (Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department). It is a designated training institute and distributor of SUA (Small Unmanned Aircraft) pilot training systems approved by HKCAD (Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department). Its mission is to provide safety and operational knowledge to SUA pilots, promote SUA flight safety, and promote the implementation of SUA in various industries in Hong Kong.
In addition, drones will be widely used not only in unmanned aerial photography in Hong Kong, but also in practical aspects such as rescue and security, which will bring a revolutionary change to all industries. OTG’s educational program is based on the combination of practical experienced instructors x professional equipment x DJI-based learning materials. OTG has trained more than 1,000 drone pilots since its establishment.
We expect that the sharing of comprehensive information on SUA operations in Japan and overall drone expertise between OTG and JUIDA will provide an opportunity to create a new market.

OTG and JUIDA will work diligently to further revitalize the drone markets
in both countries through this MOU partnership.

■For more information, please contact
JUIDA International Relations and Development